App To Assist Avoiding Wuhan Virus & Finding Clinics

Source: JobTube, Majdi

Baidu Map just included in their App 3 handy features to help avoiding crowded areas in your city and also to find the right clinic nearby once you need an urgent inspection.  

Unfortunately this service isn't available in  English; but don't worry if you cannot read Chinese characters; I'll decipher it for you. 

Avoid Virus by Avoiding Crowded Areas

By avoiding crowded areas; you are likely to reduce your exposure to the virus. 

Baidu Map now can color your city map according to the density of people in that particular area. More densed areas will be shown in dark brown/red and the less desnity of people the color turns yellow, green and finally blue. 

If you don't have Baidu Map on your mobile already; you may search in any App store for Baidu Map (. 

After you open the App; follow the below chart A1 to A2 to view the human-density map. 

View Confirmed Infections 

Baidu Map now offers a national map showing the number of infected people in every region. The map is updated timely and can be accessed by using the below steps B1 & B2

You can also get updated China map with virus distribution in English by writing Virus' or 'Wuhan' or 'Chart' in JobTubeDaily official account, which you can follow from the below QR code. 


View Clinics and Pharmacies

Just in case you felt uncomfortable and wanted to look for a clinic for medical check or a pharmacy; Baidu Map can show the clinics and pharmacies around you. So if you had a fever and wanted to do a medical examination, try to reach to the closest clinic which you can see by tapping on C3. The red locators that appear show to the fever clinics. 

The map can also show which hospitals/pharmacies that accept the local medical insurance cards or the national. As you might already know (or not), when you pay medical insurance through a Shanghai company, hospitals in another province don't necessarily accept that card for medical payments. So if you are now in the same city where you pay your medical insurance, you may tap C6, otherwise C5


[People's Daily] The following public transportation had at least one infected person on it; should you or someone you know on the same trip please head to the closest health center for medical examination or call: 0355-2022501 

  • 2020-1-18 Train K1366 Car 4  

  • 2020-1-20 20:00 in Shanxi-Taiyuan Airport Bus No: C60695

  • 2020-1-20 11:40 in Songyuan-Chanan Public Bus No: JG4666

  • 2020-1-22 Wuhan-Beijing Flight ZH4751/CA8215 

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