Alipay Uses Awesome Graphics to Show How Much You Spent 2019

By Ryan Gandolfo

Alipays annual spending report is back, which means its time for users to finally learn where their money went last year.

In the beginning of 2019, Alipay created a sho-rt mini-program that detailed users spending habits throughout the year, focusing on payments made through the app. Knowing how boring it can be to look over your expenses, the tech giant took a more creative approach, adding fun cartoons to different expense categories while providing statistics on food and drink spending, waimai deliveries, travel expenses and more.

This year, Alipay is back at it, with arguably better graphics, yet still the same jaw-dropping bill. To access your Alipay annual spending report, simply go to the apps homepage and the mini-program should appear in a banner, like in the image below:

Before we take a look at some of this years graphics and categories, wed be remiss not to note that the cartoon budget wont represent your total spending if you use WeChat Pay, debit/credit cards and other payment platforms or dare we say, cash.

The annual reports starting page: Do you dare to look inside? Screengrab via AlipayAlipay reminding you just how long youve been together... Screengrab via AlipayA look back at how many late night meals you enjoyed (and possibly dont remember). Screengrab via AlipayOl faithful. See which month was your laziest in regards to cooking (ours was April) . Screengrab via AlipaySee how many laoban you paid a visit to over the last year. Screengrab via AlipayCheck out how many times you heard a shared bike try and start up a conversation with you... Helllloooo. Screengrab via Alipay

While the mini-program is fun to peruse, its typically peoples reactions that we find the most amusing. Who am I? How did I do this? Save my child, wrote one Weibo user, sharing on social media a RMB156,660.98 yearly sp-ending total that was seemingly a bit much. 

A similar theme to last year, many users are shocked that they had so much money to sp-end in the first place. One user who spent over half a million renminbi posted: My family do-esnt even have money, where did this money come from that I spent so much of? (Sounds like someone took out a loan).

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[Cover image: screengrab via Alipay]

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