A Journey through History: China's Old Streets Live On

Todays fast urban development has given rise to increasingly tall buildings between which traffic jams accumulate in early morning and after-work hours, making city life more stressful than it already is.

But behind those buildings and highways lies a different aspect of city life. One that, if it hasnt yet been torn down to be replaced with modern apartment complexes, malls or office towers entirely, maintains a much more paced, relaxed, traditional way of living. 

Whether they remain tucked away between modernized neighborhoods in city center or hidden on the outskirts of town, old streets are packed with history and wisdom.

They provide an authentic taste of the city that once was; a community of older generations with incredible stories to share, delicious snacks to offer, local dialects, and architectural details.

Have you wandered around such parts in your city of residence or wherever you have ventured off to in China?

The sad truth behind these old streets is that their existence hangs in the balance. Much like an endangered species, they face the constant fear of being eradicated by property developers looking to make a buck or two from replacing them with more modern and profitable development projects to attract tourists and businesses. 

However, those that still remain provide a memorable visiting experience where time seems to slow down. Choose a warm afternoon or a breezy night to take a walk along such alleys, where finding older grandmothers and grandfathers congregate as one united community to play, laugh, and enjoy these precious moments together.

Unlike apartment buildings in the city, the bazaar is always crowded.

It is shabby, tortuous, and even muddy, but it is a comfortable picture of life.

The sounds of neighbors greeting each other in the morning, parents preparing breakfast for their children, and vendors getting ready for another working day intertwine beautifully.

No other place in town can offer a more authentic foodie experience than such old establishments and communities can. Breakfast stalls serving anything from steamed dumplings, jianbings (breakfast crepes), fried dough sticks to warm porridge take you on a journey through history with every bite.

Many of them have been around for decades, and continue to live by the principles and recipes that they adopted when they first started out.

Playing chess, raising birds, and catching up with friends are some of the favorite activities enjoyed by community residents.

Living a simple and content life.

Whenever you begin to feel overwhelmed and stressed from your busy city life, try taking a break by wandering around these historical parts of town. Chances are you will feel rejuvenated by the time you head back home.

Whats been your favorite moment from visiting the old streets of the city youre living in? 

Editor: Crystal H


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