6 Shanghai Art Exhibitions to Check Out This Weekend

That's Shanghai takes a look at the best art exhibits on this weekend:

Liu Wa, Pu Yingwei, Su Yu-Xin Concurrent Exhibitions

Image via MadeIn Gallery

Liu Was Milk Moon includes a single-channel video and scultpures, as the artist considers the line between the material and immaterial worlds. Meanwhile, Pu Yingwei integrates videos and paintings to discuss the consumerism and the drastic boom of capital in China. Finally, Su Yu-Xin uses her painting practice to show the distance between time spent painting and the plane surface on which we see the paintings. 

Until February 28, MadeIn Gallery, Rm.106, 2879 Longteng Da Dao 2879106.

A Labile Boundary At Best Han Bing Solo Exhibition

Image via Antenna Space

Han Bing uses abstract shapes, diverging from depictions of reality, in order to present interpretations of memory and of culture. The artist uses oil paint on canvas to create thicker, more physical depictions. She dwells on the idea of angels at different points, while also delving into her own ideas of texture as she depicts in her own unique way a scene at a construction site. 

Until March 10, Antenna Space, Rm.202, Blog.17, 50 Moganshan Lu, by Changhua Lu 50172, .

Your Life, My Dream Jiu Society

Image via Vanguard Gallery

Jiu Society, a trio of artists who grew up and live in Shenzhen, focus their creative ideas around topics like urban migration and the role of cities and city branding in the lives of modern day urban dwellers. This exhibition takes the form of scultpure and a video showing a performative chase. 

Until March 29, Vanguard Gallery, A204, Bldg 4, 50 Moganshan Lu, by Changhua Lu 504A-204, .

Peer to Peer

Under Oath by Johnny Briggs. Image courtesy of Shanghai Center of Photography

Exhibiting 14 artists from the UK and China, this exhibition connects photographers from different generations with a variety of interests which range from environmental issues to cryptocurrency and aging populations. This exhibition was first opened at Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool in October 2019, conceived by Sarah Fisher from Open Eye, curated by Lindsay Taylor from the University of Salford Art Collection and independent curator Serein Liu from Shanghai. 

Until February 9, Shanghai Center of Photography, 2555 Longteng Da Dao, by Fenggu Lu 2555, .

Li Binyuan Solo Exhibition

Image courtesy of HOW Art Museum

HOW Art Museum bring together works a decade of Li Binyuans career, starting Saturday, November 23. Recorded performances of works that explore the nature of experiments with uncertain outcomes, the physicality and strength of the body and inert objects, as well as traditional sculpture and the nature of tension between objects and between people, make this a key viewing experience. 

Until Mar 15, HOW Art Museum, No.1, Lane 2277, Zuchongzhi Lu, by Shenjiang Lu 22771, .

Rear Windows Li Qing Solo Exhibition

Image via Prada Rong Zhai

Li Qing takes the gorgeous Prada Rong Zhai and creates unique, sometimes stifling atmospheres throughout its old rooms. Playing around with ideas of old and new Shanghai, of obsession and more, Li places these idiosyncratic ideas within a space that is also imbued with the everyday, establishing a fantastic contrast. 

Until January 19, Prada Rong Zhai, 186 Shaanxi Bei Lu, by Nanjing Xi Lu 186, .

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