6 Shanghai Art Exhibitions to Check Out This Weekend

That's Shanghai takes a look at the best art exhibits on this weekend:

Down the Rabbit Hole Group Exhibition

Image courtesy of Capsule Shanghai

Capsule Shanghai invites five artists for a group exhibition that dwells around the ideas of what is real and what is mystical, taking its name from the famed Lewis Carroll novel, Alice in Wonderland. The group of four Chinese artists and one American use various mediums such as photography, sculpture and painting to blur the lines of what we see in everyday life.  

Until February 14, Capsule Shanghai, 1/F, Bdg.16, 275 Anfu Lu, by Wukang Lu 275161, .

Sound Brian Calvin Solo Exhibition

Image via Almine Rech

Brian Calvin's paintings, looking like a still from a Tom Tom Club music video from the 80s, are widely identifiable, with the artist painting stylized, close-up portraits of women, heavily influenced by his Californian roots. The positioning of characters in Calvin's works are often unnervingly close, with his subjects seeming to be giving the viewer a nasty side eye. The style is one that Calvin has developed naturally over time. 

Until February 29, Almine Rech, 27 Huqiu Lu, 2nd Floor, Huangpu District 272. 

Wanderers Group Exhibition

Image courtesy of Ota Fine Arts

Bringing together Chinese artist Cheng Ran and Japanese artists Takao Minami and Hiraki Sawa, this group exhibition sees each of the artists articulate certain ideas about travel through video. Cheng Ran first uses the image of a homing pigeon, with spoken excerpts from Allen Gingsberg's classic poem 'Howl' to bring New York to life. Takao Minami takes us on a visual and sonic voyage from Kagoshima to Keelung port in Taiwan, documenting the atmosphere on the water, while also splicing together scenes and man-made sounds, consciously creating a non-narrative piece. Finally Hiraki Sawa brings us back inside, using model airplanes and miniature figures to describe the constant yearning feeling to move, to travel and to reach beyond the borders of your day-to-day life. 

Until March 7, Ota Fine Arts, West Bund, Bldg 3, 2555 Longteng Dadao, by Fenggu Lu 25553, . 

Consciousness of Location Zhang Ruyi Solo Exhibition

Image via Don Gallery

Shanghai artist Zhang Ruyis exhibition dwells on ideas of location, of spatial awareness and our way of perceiving the world through physical objects. She plays with our expectations of what we might find in an aquarium, for example, beckoning the viewer towards pieces that aim to remould the eye into something less sensory and more thoughtful. 

Until January 12, Don Gallery, Rm.302, 2879 Longteng Da Dao 2879302. 

Ocean II Ocean Cyprien Gaillard Solo Exhibition

Image via TANK Shanghai

French artist Cyprien Gaillards Venice Biennale showing, Ocean II Ocean, comes to TANK this week. Displayed against the transporting concave walls at TANK, surrounded by old, used and dirty bulldozer shovels, the space offers a collision of effects.   

Until January 12, TANK Shanghai, 2380 Longteng Dadao, by Longyao Lu 2380, . 

Bob Dylan Retrospectrum

Image courtesy of Modern Art Museum Shanghai

This show has been extended until March 8. Sure, Bob Dylan is a Nobel Prize winning writer, poet and lyricist, but his lesser known creative endeavors include painting with oil, acrylic and watercolor, and even include ironwork sculpture. Modern Art Museum, god bless their souls, have collected more than 250 of Dylans works spanning over 40 years to Shanghai this weekend. Dylans early ink experiments will show alongside works from Mondo Scripto sketches. Enjoy this fascinating insight into the creative polymath's works until January. 

Until Mar 8, RMB100. Modern Art Museum Shanghai, 4777 Binjiang Da Dao, by Pudian Lu 4777, .

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