3 New Shanghai Fitness Studios to Prove Its New Year, New You

By Vy Vu

As part of our Education Blog series, FitFam Executive Director Vy Vu offers fitness tips, and tell us what is new on the sweat scene. She presents three brand new studios to help you nail your fitness goals for 2020.

1. RISE Strength & Conditioning

RISE Strength and Conditioning just opened last month in Xuhui. They are a strength and conditioning facility running group workouts, in multiple training formats, focused on developing and improving functional movements, thatll train you to be Better at Life. Through various disciplines of functional fitness, youll work on fundamentals, skills, strength, endurance, agility, balance and mobility. Offering daily bootcamp-style workouts, fully scalable for all levels, as well as a variety of other classes dedicated to kettlebells, calisthenics, weightlifting, yoga and more. And all under one roof! 

RISE is your second home, a place for all humans. Great for anyone looking for a multi-dimensional approach to functional fitness. Their foundation classes are also perfect for absolute beginners, providing a safe and controlled environment where the focus is on drills and basic functional movements training. Fitness at RISE is a priority rather than a side effect; everything they do is meant to improve your fitness. Believing in quality programming, their coaching team has something that cannot be taught: they truly care.

RISE Strength and Conditioning, Room 602, Beethoven Plaza, 1158 Changning Lu, by Kaixuan Lu 1158602, .


Located near Zhongshan Park, TRIFIT opened in September 2019 and is a boxing and tailored fitness studio for beginners, fitness enthusiasts and individuals interested in the beautiful science. They provide small interactive group classes that are boxing centric focused on strength, conditioning and boxing fundamentals, led by coaches with a combined 20 years of professional boxing coaching experience.

Their structure allows adults and children to learn the technicalities of boxing more effectively, and allows individuals to reach their fitness goals faster than in gyms with larger classes. They offer a variety of HIIT, Hatha Yoga, circuit training, beginners boxing and strength/conditioning classes for a more holistic approach to fitness.

TRIFIT, Room 602, Beethoven Plaza , 1158 Changning Lu, by Kaixuan Lu 1158602, .

3. FlowCycle

FlowCycle opened in July in Huangpu. It is the latest boutique fitness experience to hit Shanghai, hosting the largest curved spinning room in China, with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities and can accommodate 70 riders. Enter their spinning theatre where the neon lights and rhythmically inspired playlists, hand-crafted by world-class instructors, will activate every nerve in your body.

FlowCycles motto is Focused, Efficient, Challenging and Sincere. you can experience it through their unique course content and customer service. FlowCycle prides itself with having a very motivating and friendly community which will help you achieve your health & fitness goals. Their professional coaches are not only globally certified but also live, breathe and preach their scientific Flow stimulation system. Great for middle to high-end customers, white collars, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, curious souls and music lovers. Expect to see them expand in the China market in the future.

FlowCycle, 5F, Time Square, 99 Huaihai Zhong Lu, by Xizang Nan Lu 99, .

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