Street in China Named One of the World's Most Beautiful on CNN!

CNN recently published a list of the worlds most beautiful streets, many of which are unsurprisingly located in Europe due to their historical and cultural significance. Other countries in this list include the United States, Morocco, South Africa and, you guessed it China!

Competing against century-old pavements and decors, Chengdus Jinli Street ranked highly on this years list.

Jinli StreetChengdu,China

Surrounded by historic wooden houses, red lanterns and quaint signboards, visitors flood Jinli Street to get a glimpse of its magnificent scenery.

Traditional Chinese architecture and local snacks pair well to attract millions of tourists each year. The essence of the slow Chengdu lifestyle is embedded into this street, with a wide variety of teahouses, restaurants, bars, and local delicacies to offer a unique Sichuanese culinary and shopping experience.

Jinli Street was built before 1800 and renovated in 2004. It is adjacent to the Wuhou Temple, with strong characteristics dating back to the Three Kingdoms culture. 

Blocks are representative of buildings from the Qing Dynasty, enhanced by red lanterns and other traditional elements making Chengdu look all the more antique and unique.

The night scene is the most popular time to visit.

It is said that Jin Li was one of the oldest and most commercial streets in the history of Xishuxi .

This is a must for tourists and locals alike.

All kinds of Sichuanese specialty snacks can be found, including guokui and the mouthwatering bo bo chicken and so many delicious food


Other streets on CNNs list as are follows:

The Philosopher's Walk, Kyoto, Japan

The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

Mykonos Old Town, Greece

Lombard Street, San Francisco

Prospekt, St Petersburg

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Caminito, La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Convent Avenue, Harlem, New York City

Flask Walk, Hampstead, London, England

Cockburn Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

Umbrella Sky Project, Agueda, Portugal

Blue City, Jodhpur, India

Square de Montsoris, Paris, France

Hosier Lane, Melbourne, Australia

Nevsky Prospekt, St Petersburg, Russia

The Dark Hedges, Bregagh Road, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

The Royal Crescent, Bath, England

Via dei Coronari, Rome, Italy

Brouwersgracht, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Cogels-Osylei, Zurenborg, Antwerp, Belgium

Herbert Baker Street, Pretoria, South Africa

Heerstrasse, Bonn, Germany


Which street among this list is your favorite? 

Are any more streets missing? 

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Source: CNN travel

Editor: Crystal H