Police Arrest Man for Selling VPN! Not So Safe

Source: JobTube, Arianna J., Freya W., Josh B.

On December 25th, an official account of the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily issued a notice declaring that Li, who had been on the run, was seized by police at the Dongguan railway station in Shenzhen. It was understood that from September to November, Li and another man illegally provided VPN services and made 80,000 Yuan.

The news as it appeared online.

Why & How He Got Into The Business

According to the police, Li is from Jingmen, Hubei. He graduated from a local vocational school majoring in computer technology in 2016, and got a low-paying job in an IT company in Dongguan due to his limited education and skills. During the time, Li tried to get a part-time job.

In that July, Li found an IT company in Taizhou, Zhejiang that was recruiting technicians, so he applied for it by contacting Gong, the person in charge, via WeChat. After some chatting, Gong told Li he was hired, without an interview or any entry procedure.

Meanwhile, Gong promised him a high reward. Attracted by the salary, Li accepted it without hesitation.

Later, Gong specified Lis job description to him. It turned out the main service of the company was to provide VPN to customers, and Lis job was online marketing and customer service.