Most unique and interesting Xmas gift from China ever

Christmas holidays are approaching! No matter you will still live in China or go back home, along with the festival cheers often comes the stress not having an idea what gift to buy for your beloved families and friends. Traditional Chinese gifts like silk, tea, chopsticks, and chinaware may be the way to go, hum but what happens when you realize that you did give the same things to them last year? 

No worry, all your gifts-searching stress for the Christmas 2019 will disappear after finding our creatively designed Chinese tea gift -- Pekoe Panda Face Tea, a unique tea-cake that never seen before in Chinas more than 2000 years tea history. Pekoe equals to the Big White Bud, a kind of premium Chinese tea consists of only sliver-like buds, of which we use about 80% in our product. Check out more details below to get how innovative and valuable our product is. 


A. Originality Brief: 

Tea and Panda are Chinas representative national treasuries, from the coincidence of the colors sameness on the giant pandas fur between the white color non-fermented Puer Tea and the black color Yaan Tibetan Tea, using the traditional tea-compressing technique to compress two kinds of teas into a tea cake that resembles a giant pandas face.

B. Composition Introduction:

1. The white part on both sides is chosen from the Big White Bud grown in Jinggu County of Puer area in Yunnan Province. The tea bud is full of silver-like tips and looks strong; it smells natural and aromatic, and the aroma lingers; it tastes mellow with a sweat finish, and its infusion looks brightly clear. It has an extremely high content of polyphenols, amino acid and vitamins that perform well in resisting oxidation, nourishing skin and diminishing inflammation. Because of its beautiful shape and pleasant taste, it was once selected as royal tribute in Chinese history. Because the tea tree & processing technology are almost the same like the non-fermented Puer tea, this tea also boasts long storage and high collection value. 

2. The black parts (ears, eyes, nose and mouth) on both sides are compressed of Yaan Tibetan Tea which is the most time-honored Dark Tea with outstanding healthy efficacy. As a special tea exclusively sold to ethnic minorities around the border areas in the western part of China, this tea was rarely known to Chinese in history. However, it is more and more consumed in modern times for its special healthy efficacy in improving digestion and lowering blood pressure, blood fat and blood glucose. Thousand years continuous daily drink on this tea by the Tibetan people bears witness that this tea can well supplement vitamins and promote digestion. So, Tibetan people have a saying that: One feels uncomfortable without drinking tea for just one day, One feels sick without drinking tea for three days. The Tibetan-Tea infusion is brightly red in color, tastes full-bodied, sweet and aged in flavor. Like the White Tea, the longer it stores, the more expensive it becomes. 


C.  Product Features: 

1. Representativeness. It integrates tea and panda, two of the most representative cultural elements in China together in a way of visual arts, which can arouse peoples interest directly.   

2. Healthy Efficacy. Tea, as the national drink of China for more than 2000 years, its role in healthy efficacy is in-disputed. The two types of teas used in this product boast very obvious healthy efficacies among all types of teas in China.

3. Collection Value. The two type of teas used in this product is one of the two categories of teas in China that can be stored in long term. The longer it stores in a proper way, the better it tastes, the more expensive it becomes. 

D.  Details & Price 

      Price at RMB 128/bamboo box (two tea-cakes, weight at 40g)

Price at RMB 238/bamboo box (one big tea-cake, weight at 110g) 


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