Male Caregivers Become Highly Demanded in China

Under the influence of traditional ideas, there is a relatively small number of male caregivers in China. Therefore, as more families need male nursing workers, they are now starting to be in higher demand.

"Care giving is not a difficult job. All you need to do is just pay attention to watch and learn from others," said Li Qiang, a male caregiver who got familiar with the work after taking care of his father, adding that the threshold for this job is not very high.

"The biggest advantage of male care givers is their physical strength. They are usually hired for this," according to Zhang Yang, 48, who has been working as a professional caregiver for the elderly on a domestic service platform in Beijing for nearly seven years.

Zhang Yang believes that male care givers are mostly employed to take care of the elderly who are seriously overweight.

"Older people who don't exceed the standard weight will be seen by female nursing workers." Zhang pointed out that because of women's carefulness, 90 percent of families will look for female caregivers to take care of the elderly, but the physical strength of male caregivers is truly needed to care for over-weight individuals.

Regarding the shortage of male caregivers in the Chinese job market, Li Xingguo, director of the Department of the Public Administration of China Institute of Industrial Relations said that along with the increase of social demand for male nursing workers, the working conditions and salary level of male nursing workers should be improved as to attack more male nurses. 

Source: people's daily

Editor: Crystal H

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