JobsVideo Marketing| 10K - 15K RMB per month

Job description

1. Develop an overall video brand messaging strategy (TikTok, YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitter Live, IGTV, etc). 2. Work with editorial and creative teams to create weekly TikTok videos that tell our story, promotes our products, and enhances our brand. 3. Film, edit, and produce content. Build a library of amazing product and creative brand videos. 4. Be available to contribute ideas to integrated-marketing campaigns when necessary. 5. Other tasks as needed.


1. Native English speaker is preferred,With a strong passion for marketing, digital media, and social media. 2. Candidates with related and successful working experience is preferred. 3. Strong project management and multi-tasking skills. 4. Video production, filming, and editing skills, required. 5. Good communication and ability to take feedback well.

Required Languages


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