Chinas Top Viral Videos of 2019: Part III

The good, the bad and the ugly. The weird and the wacky. As is the Thats tradition, weve compiled our 2019 China Year in Review series. So sit back, relax and relive the highs and lows of the last 12 months.

A video goes viral in China every 30 seconds, or so it seems. But seriously, videos with millions of views in the PRC are a dime a dozen theyre often hilarious and, frankly, were always dumbfounded to see what type of shenanigans people get up to. Heres part three in our viral video series of 2019. To see parts one and two, click here. (Although calling these videos viral may be a stretch for some, we can tell you they were all incredibly popular on in 2019.)

1. Boy in South China Pees in Elevator, Causes Short Circuit

Spend enough time in China, and youre bound to see a few kids peeing in public places it would almost be weird if you didnt. Its one thing to take a leak, say, under a bridge, or down the sewer drain of a busy walking street when you gotta go, you gotta go but a boy in Meizhou, Guangdong province took things a step further, relieving himself on an elevator control panel inside a residential building.

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2. Ostrich Escapes Cage, Runs Amok in Southwest China

Who let the ostrich out? That was the question on many folks minds after a large bird was seen running around a town in Southwest China in August. Video footage of a 2-meter-tall sprinting ostrich made the rounds online, showing the awkward-shaped animal running through the streets of Shiping county in Yunnan province.

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3. Dance Class in China Disrupted by Fire Siren

Firefighters in Guangdong province are quick to answer the call. That much was clear after a video surfaced online of a team of firefighters in Jieyang clearing their stations gymnasium in the middle of a group dance lesson after the fire station siren went off. While this is simply what they do (and quite well, wed like to add), the real kicker was the dance instructors reaction.

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4. Elderly Man Forces Woman to Give up Her Seat on China Metro

In August, a young woman in Changsha was sitting on the metro when an elderly man came up to her and told her to move. In a classic intimidation move, the man then proceeded to sit on her. When she protested that she was being forced to stand up, the old man shook his umbrella at her and said, Ill hit you till you die (). According to Peoples Daily, the girl called the police and cried.

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5. Policeman Issues Epic Takedown to Unruly Woman

In late August, a woman was caught on camera pushing a traffic police officer in Chengdu after being stopped in a routine traffic check for not wearing her seatbelt, according to Chinas Traffic Management Bureaus official Weibo account. The officer, however, reacted to the agression with a WWE-style takedown.

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6. Subway Riders Lying Down on Metro

In July, multiple young women were spotted lying down on the floor in a subway carriage in Guangzhou. Video footage of the event shows at least three girls sprawled out on the (we can nearly assume) dirty ground, occupying a large chunk of subway real estate while riding on Line 5. Other clips show at least one other girl sitting nearby, glued to her phone and chatting away.

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7. Chinese Deliveryman Pees in Elevator While Holding Takeout

Video of an impromptu bathroom break leaked (no pun intended) in early September, showing a man in Henan province go from checking his phone one second to marking his territory the next. In the elevator surveillance footage, the deliveryman frequently turns his head towards the elevator door while he continues on with his misdeed.

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8. Aquatic Monster Spotted in Chinas Yangtze River

A river monster was seen cruising the surface of the Yangtze River in late September. The footage was reportedly captured from a ferry dock in the prefecture-level city of Yichang, in Hubei province. However, multiple reports the following day confirmed the video was taken near the Chizhou Yangtze River Ferry Dock in Anhui province. But was the eery-looking object in the grainy video really a sea creature?

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9. Chinese Man Gets Arm Stuck in Toilet in Worst. Fishing. Trip. Ever.

A man in Guizhou provinces Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous prefecture had a code red over the National Day holiday, after he managed to get his arm trapped in a squat toilet. The bathroom incident occurred after the man attempted to save his fish, which had flopped into the toilet. Lesson learned: Keep aquatic animals out of the bathroom.

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10. Chinese Students Use Bizarre Hand Technique at Math Competition


At a math competition held in Lanzhou, Gansu province, a total of 245 students were seen using an unusual technique to answer questions: Hand waving. The video went viral, with over 76 million views for just this clip alone.

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