A Local Tour | Some places you need to know


With the support from 

Yinzhou Civil Affairs Bureau,

we were delighted to have 

a mix group of staff members and students

having a wonderful local tour

last Saturday (30 Nov, 2019)


We had a remarkable visit in Zoumatang Village,

watched Shaoxing Opera,

learned some opera moves,

and also visited Qingan Guild Hall.

The stories behind Ningbo were shared

and we had a better understanding

of the historical culture of this city.

Zoumatang Village 

is an ancient village retaining a large number of Ming and Qing architectures worthy of savouring and also preserves the simple folk customs. Many of the inadvertent carvings are very colourful as one of the highlights in the village. This small village is also famous for its 76 scholars since the Northern Song Dynasty. 

An ancient temple used

to call for rainy days

 Watched Shaoxing Opera 

in Qingan Guild Hall:

A story of Lin Daiyu burying flowers

A classical excerpt from 

Dream of The Red Mansions 

A male in female role

We were learning

how to perform in Shaoxing Opera.

Qingan Guild Hall

was completed in the third year of Xianfeng (1853) and is one of the eight Tianhou Temples (a temple to worship the goddess Mazu, who secured the safety of marine shipping) in China. It is also listed in the seven guild halls of China, and is the only existing ancient architecture to integrate a Tianhou Temple and a guild hall together in South China. It has now been rebuilt as the first marine affairs folk museum in China.

Thanks for viewing.

See you next time!


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Support Team


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