12 Trendy Chinese Phrases from 2019 You May Have Missed

The good, the bad and the ugly. The weird and the wacky. As is the Thats tradition, weve compiled our 2019 China Year in Review series. So sit back, relax and relive the highs and lows of the last 12 months.

Each month, Mia Li introduces you to a trending phrase in our regular Chinese Urban Dictionary series. Here's a look back at some notable highlights from the series in 2019.

Anli / n l /

What it means: v. to strongly recommend something to someone, to get someone hooked on a product, a celebrity, a TV show/film


A: What are you drinking? 
B: This new beer that Mei Mei anli-ed to me. 
A: Is it good? 
B: I'm completey hooked! Now I have cases of it at home.

Read the full definition here.

Malisu / m l s /

What it means: n. someone who thinks they are perfect, or pretends to be perfect or powerful because they wish to


A: My dad says he never feels safe abroad because he is the countrys most prized spy in history. 
B: But you guys just took a vacation to Italy. Did he feel safe there? 
A: Yes, but he said that is only because he is a double agent. 
B: Your dad is the oldest malisu I know.

Read the full definition here.

Xiaotianbing / xio tin bng /

What it means: n. little cookie, someone whos born into a well-off family, has an easy life, is nice and popular


A: Lily just got elected to be class president! 
B: Good. Shes got good grades and loves to help others. 
A: It must be good to be a xiaotianbing
B: She once told me her parents taught her that studying was FUN.

Renshe / rn sh /

What it means: n. a social media persona we design for ourselves, maintain and cultivate


A: Try this cotton candy. Its so delicious! 
B: I cant be seen eating cotton candy. Itd break my renshe. 
A: What is your renshe exactly? 
B: A mysterious and always pensive tough guy. 
A: Okay, do you want to take some home and eat it when no ones watching? 
B: Yes, thank you.


What it means: adv. very proficient in a skill; a task done extremely well


A: Little Zhang just asked out the prettiest girl in the office and she said yes! 
B: Wow. 666. 
A: More like 666666.

Caihongpi / ci hng p /

What it means: n. rainbow fart; over-the-top compliments fans needlessly heap on their idols


A: Look at this gorgeous photo of Huang Xiaoming. 
B: This is a picture of the back of his head. 
A: He is so good looking that the back of his head makes me cry. 
B: That's a good caihongpi.

Xiaodian / xio din /

What it means: n. the threshold of funniness or amusement required to make one laugh


A: I cant stop watching this hilarious video of a squirrel falling out of a tree. 
B: Your xiaodian has gotten so low in the last year. 
A: Im crying from laughter! 
B: Good for you. Ill put the clip on a loop.

Bolixin / b l xn /

What it means: n. a person who is overly sensitive about criticism and reacts strongly to any mildly negative feedback


A: Great vacation photos! Your girlfriend looks much younger than you. 
B: What are you saying? Are you saying Im not good enough for her?! 
A: No. It was just a casual observation. Dont be such a bolixin. 
B: How can you disrespect me like that?!

Ningmengjing / nng mng jng /

What it means: n. someone who is so envious of another persons possessions or achievements so as to harbor suspicion and resentment


A: Look! This guy is live-streaming proposing to his girlfriend with 100,000 Xiaomi phones! 
B: I bet theyll get divorced within the year. 
A: You are such a ningmengjing
B: Ugh. I dont even have a boyfriend.

Fengkou / fng ku /

What it means: n. wind tunnel; an area or sector where, for a period of time, all investors want to invest in; a much-hyped but often empty concept


A: What is your new start-up? 
B: Its online-to-offline social-enabled and location-based haircuts. 
A: So a barbershop? 
B: Yes, but a barbershop on a fengkou!

Gaojihei / go j hi /

What it means: v. to throw shade in a subtle and shielded way or even disguised as a compliment, to backhandedly diss someone


A: How is your new boss? 
B: He has such a talent for stringing together many expletives in one sentence. 
A: Is that gaojihei
B: He is very talented indeed.

Qiushengyu / qi shng y /

What it means: n. the willingness to come up with torturous and innovative ways to please ones significant other, friends or family members


A: Im off to my job interview. 
B: Good luck! 
A: But Ive already used up all my luck the day I met you. 
B: Aw! Youll nail the interview with such a strong qiushengyu.

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