Yummy Chinese Local Food - Wife Cake! Will It Bring You A Wife?

Wife Cake is a Cantonese round pastry with golden outer layer, flaky texture and delicious sweet flavor. It is a kind of Chaozhou Style Moon Cake. 

Legend has it that in the final years of Qing Dynasty, there was a teahouse that sold a large variety of pastries. One day, one of its pastry chefs brought all the specialties back home to let his wife try. However, she tried them and said disgustedly: I can not believe your pastries are so banal. None of them is as good as the winter melon dumplings made with my maiden homes recipe.

Unconvinced, the chef asked the wife to make this pastry for him. So she made some unique, golden-brown dumplings with smashed winter melon, sugar and flour. After trying these dumplings, the chef really appreciated them and brought some to the owner of the teahouse.

The owner tasted and asked eagerly: Master, which teahouse made this pastry? The chef laughed and said it was made by his wife. He was then asked by the owner to make some modifications to the winter melon dumpling, which was sold in the teahouse in the name of Wife Cake.

Here comes the question: if you eat a Wife Cake, will it bring you a wife?

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