Tips on finding an ideal job in China

Struggling in finding an ideal job?

Dont know what websites to use in China?

Dont know the tactics when applying for positions?

Join in AnyHelpers Job Hunting Workshop! Find a job and give yourself the best Christmas gift!

The workshop is Chinas first online job seeking training program. You can get professional help with a low cost at only 99 RMB (Early birds: 79 RMB) and you are able to have a REFUND of 50 RMB if you can satisfy the conditions described below:

  1. Registration of at least 2 recruitment website

  2. Daily check-in of at least five applications 

What can you get?

  • Three training courses of the recruitment websites

  • Assistance of registration

  • Daily job application motivation

Who is eligible?

  • Foreigners looking for a job 

  • People who want to switch jobs

  • Fresh foreign graduates


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How to apply?

Long press the QR code below to join us!

Find an ideal job for the coming Christmas!

AnyHelper Advisors

We have a team of advisors that provides professional suggestions and solutions to the expat communities in Shanghai. If you have questions related to their expertise, feel free to contact them by long pressing the QR code.

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