The 10 Happiest Cities in China - Newly Released!!

Source: JobTube, Arianna J., Freya W., Josh B.

On November 25th, "Forum of the Happiest Cities of China" co-sponsored by Oriental Outlook Weekly and Think Tank of Xinhua News Agency was held in Guangzhou.

This is the 13th consecutive year of the Happiest Cities list, where more than 600,000 people have participated in the survey and 16 subjective indicators were taken into account. Those are: education, health care, income, environment, public service, transportation, safety, life rhythm, future expectation, pension, human interest, entertainment, culture, occupation, tolerance and recognition.

NO.10 Xuzhou, Jiangsu

Xuzhou has been awarded "The Happiest Cities in China" for the second time. As one of the national historical cities, Xuzhou has a large number of cultural and historical heritage sites, places of interest, in addition to the four distinct seasons, convenient transportation and robust economic growth, which make it a lovely city for its residents.

NO.9 Tongchuan, Shaanxi

As for Tongchuan, it has been listed as the "The Happiest Cities in China" for the third time. Tongchuan has a continental monsoon climate with four distinct seasons. Its ecological environment, public security and other indicators are in the forefront. Its comprehensive influence is constantly increasing, and Tongchuan citizens' sense of happiness, access and security is constantly improving.

NO.8 Taizhou, Zhejiang

This is the fourth time Taizhou has won the title of "The Happiest Cities in China", which could be attributed to its harmonious ecological paradise of mountains, seas, waters and areas. Taizhou has been known as "famous mountains on the sea" since ancient times. It is also a manufacturing capital with beautiful natural scenery, rich history and talents, and developed private economy. The income of urban and rural residents in Taizhou ranks well in the country.

NO.7 Wenzhou, Zhejiang

What is the source of happiness? Wenzhou people have their own answers! For them, all of these facts in their daily life make them happy: more money in their wallets, more convenient transportation, fresher air, higher efficiency in work and economic growth. In addition, Wenzhou has a beautiful natural environment with mountains and rivers, as well as a amiable climate and four mild seasons.

NO.6 Changsha, Hunan

Changsha has been awarded "The Happiest Cities in China" for 12 consecutive years for its beautiful mountains and rivers. Its unique human environment, beautiful scenery, and perfect ecological transportation system make it one of the happiest cities in China for people to live in.

NO.5 Guangzhou, Guangdong

This is the third time that Guangzhou is selected as one of the "The Happiest Cities in China". It is worth mentioning that not only the income index of Guangzhou residents is at the top of the list, but also the index of ecological environment and city attraction are also at the top of the list.

NO.4 Xi'an, Shaanxi

This is the eighth consecutive year that Xi'an has won the honor of it. It seems that its residents have some good reasons to take it for granted as happiness is everywhere in their life. There is a one-day traffic circle extending in all directions, rich educational resources and delicious food. In addition, its one of the best tourist destinations in China and one of the boom cities with development potentials in the world.

NO.3 Ningbo, Zhejiang

Ningbo has won the title of "The Happiest Cities in China" for the 10th time, and won the title of "City of Governance & Collaborative Innovation". It has always been known as a "famous country of literature" and numerous cultural celebrities. Moreover, the scenery of Ningbo mountains are part of the representative characteristics of Jiangnan Water Town and coastal city. And the life here is affluent. In 2018, the GDP exceeded 1 trillion Yuan, and the per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents reached 60134 Yuan and 33633 Yuan respectively.

NO.2 Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Hangzhou has become the only city throughout China that has won this award for 13 consecutive years, and won the special award "Model City of Happiness". In recent years, the happiness index of Hangzhou people, including living, business and traveling, has been continuously improved. People in this city seem quite vibrant and cheerful.

NO.1 Chengdu, Sichuan

Chengdu ranks at the top of the list of "The Happiest Cities in China" this year, and it is also the 12th time that it has been included in the list. Chengdu has won another two honors which are "The Most Attractive City" and "The City of Best Job Opportunities". Obviously, there are plenty of good reasons for such honors. First of all, human understanding and harmony is the corner stone of Chengdu as the happiest city. Secondly, with superior geographical condition, rich resources and profound cultural heritage, Chengdu has been known as the "land of abundance" since ancient times.

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