Sign-ups Open for Trip to Qing'an Guild Hall and Zoumatang


Invitation to Culture Events - A Local Tour

There is a one-day trip to Qingan Guild Hall and Zoumatang Village organised by HR, CRSFU and our department. 

Date: Saturday 30th  November 2019  

Time: from 9am to 2pm

Registration is on first-come first-served basis (12 places max). If you are unsure whether you can attend or not, please do not sign-up. 

To sign up please complete the form in the below link or scan the QR code by 22 November.  

Sign up:

Information about Qingan Guild Hall

Qingan Guild Hall is a national tourist attraction and a national key cultural relic protection institution. It was completed in the third year of Xianfeng (1853) and is one of the eight Tianhou Temples (a temple to worship the goddess Mazu, who secured the safety of marine shipping) in China. It is also listed in the seven guild halls of China, and is the only existing ancient architecture to integrate a Tianhou Temple and a guild hall together in South China. It has now been rebuilt as the first marine affairs folk museum in China.


Information about Zoumatang Village

The Zoumatang Ancient Village is an ancient village worth visiting around Ningbo. This small village has 76 scholars since the Northern Song Dynasty. The village retains a large number of Ming and Qing architectures worthy of savouring. Many of the inadvertent carvings are very colourful and one of the highlights in the village. Because it has not yet been fully developed, the ancient village preserves the simple folk customs.

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