North VS South China - Living During the Winter

Source: JobTube, Arianna J., Freya W., Josh B.'

Since November 18th, most of China has experienced a large drop in temperature. According to the latitudinal position of China, as you go farther north, the winters become longer and more severe. Does that mean it's colder in winter for northerners? In fact, the opposite is true.

Now let's see how northerners and southerners live through the winter.

The Average Temperature

For the average temperature in January, in some northern cities, like Harbin the average temperature is - 20 , in Shenyang is - 15 , and in Beijing is - 6 . However, the average temperature in southern cities is about - 5 ~ 5 . The average temperature in Nanjing is about 0 . In Chongqing is about 8 .

Indoor and Outdoor Differences

When northerners say it's three degrees below zero today but not feeling cold, just remember that their indoor constant temperature is 20 degrees. But southerners say that it's one below zero today, which totally means the same for indoors and outdoors. The wind in the northern China is strong, but in the south people are frozen to their bones, due to the lack of indoor heating.

Methods of Heating

From October every year, the northern cities began to heat in succession. But towards the southern China, the air conditioner, hot water bottle and heater are all on to make people fell warm, but they are still shivering. Even when outdoors with a temperature of -2 Celsius, the air is damp and cold, making for a much worse feeling when compared to the north.

No matter how many clothes you wear in winter, a short sleeve top is enough when indoors in the North. But in the south, 9kg quilts and 5cm thick cushions are barely enough, and people will still be shivering in bed.

Reaction to Snow

Southerners are more excited about snow, but they just look at the snow outside the window. While the northerners only feel that the day will be chilly, yet will take part in winter sports like skiing.

The Winter Solstice

December 21st, 22nd or 23rd of each year is the winter solstice. Chinese people have special ways to celebrate this day. In the north, people often eat Jiaozi and mutton, while in the south, they eat Tangyuan and mutton.

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