Migrant Worker's Love of Life Warms the Hearts of Millions!

Life is a constant struggle full of challenges. 

Some choose to let those challenges get the better of them, sometimes to the detriment of their own health and well-being.

Others, however, choose to overcome them with joy and positivity.

Meet Uncle Yang, a 57-year-old migrant worker who built a habit of hopping to and from work every day in the city of Chongqing, and whose videos made him a heart-warming sensation on Douyin.

As a carpenter working on construction sites in the city, many netizens were left wondering how he could project so much happiness. Maybe he just got a pay raise? one commented on the social media platform.


One evening, he asked several other workers to share a meal together at a restaurant after their shift. 

Uncle Yang began hopping around and singing along: I just feel happy! he said. Hopping to and from work has become my habit, and I love it!

While he had been under the impression that his joyful hops had only affected his own state of mind, he would soon come to find out that they had also touched the lives of many around him, both in Chongqing and online.

I havent felt this happy like he is for a long time, another netizen commented. Maybe thats what life should be about. Enjoying every moment of it, regardless of the external elements that may come in our way.

Uncle Yang went on to share more about his mindset: We, as human beings, should feel grateful and happy to be living in this world and to have been given the gift of life in the first place, no matter how bitter and exhausted we might feel. Stop feeling miserable because you are poor, or feeling unhappy because of something thats happened to you. These are all things you can have control over, and the most important element is your own happiness.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done for many.

According to Uncle Yangs daughter, his optimism has helped a lot of people around him get rid of their stress: Every day after work, dad would share some funny videos or photos in our family group chat. My relatives kept saying Your dad is too happy!

But of course, as a migrant worker living in Chongqing, Uncle Yang has his fair share of challenges to overcome. With the pressure of supporting his family, the majority of the money he earns goes towards his savings.

And yet, despite his struggles, he continues to live his life with his head up and a smile on his face. As we all should.

We all have our own problems, but they are in no way special. Chances are thousands of others have had the same problems before us, and thousands more will after us. 

Dont let your problems define you. You live your life how YOU want to live it. And how you decide to act on your problems will define you as a human being.

And sometimes, problems can be seen as an opportunity to make a change for the better.

It all starts with the mindset of change. 

The question is are you ready?


Editor: Crystal Huang


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