Meet Your Future Partner While Drinking with This Taobao Winner

By Ryan Gandolfo

Hot on Taobao is a monthly segment where we feature a product from Taobao our editors think is cool.

We all have a friend who has graduated from beer nursing school and transferred their skills to the real world. (If youre saying you dont, thats because its you.) Dont get us wrong, drinking slowly is both responsible and better for your liver, but on some occasions, you just want to cut loose with the squad. 

Luckily, Taobao has the perfect product to get everyone at the party feeling a little tipsy. The double beer mug is designed to turn strangers into friends, friends into best friends and, dare we say, best friends to friends with benefits? Maybe thats a stretch, but weve heard worse love stories. 

Image via Taobao

Honestly though, this simple yet ingenious product was engineered for an extra fun time drinking with friends. Whether youre having a beer chugging competition or playing Donald Trump drinking games with a partner (Google it), this double beer mug can do it all.  

Bar owners have even boosted their revenue thanks to this tacky tool. After I received the product, I arranged it on top of the bar, patrons really like it and beer sales have increased. When customers use it to drink beer, theyll post it on Douyin and it goes viral. Everyone looks for my bar; its clear that the number of customers has increased. One set isnt enough, Im ordering 10, reads one Taobao review. 

Image via Taobao

You can find double beer mugs in various shapes and sizes online some even glow in the dark. Well let you figure all that out for yourself, but remember drink responsibly.   

The double beer mug is available on Taobao from RMB36-90. (Search on Taobao.)

[Cover image via Taobao]

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