JobsSupplier Quality Engineer (BMW)| 20K - 25K RMB per month

1.A long term project of at least 3-5 years for one SQE now . 2.This position  has to control and look after 10 suppliers, later more as BMW wants to extend the supplier base. 3.This position should have 5 years of experience in the automotive industry with a preference on bikes, particular BMW bikes or at least local brand bikes 4.He or she should be able to do supplier qualification and to give a strict and intesive follow up of supplies, manufacturing and the whole supply chain 5.The SQEs take work packages (clear tasks) that have to be followed, including the process series. 6.They should develop the existing supplier base and also develop new suppliers 7.They should have the knowledge and know how of this! 8.Be familiar with IATF16949&VDA6.3 9.He or she should be located in Kaoshiang (preference, but may also be Taichung)


Both English anf Chinese are proficently.

Required Languages

English, Chinese

JobsEarly Childhood Homeroom Teacher| More than 30K RMB /month