JobsDesign director| 25K - 30K RMB per month

1. Responsible for the organization and implementation of the project of the design department, the implementation of project design planning, work assignment and rule formulation, to ensure the correct implementation of the design scheme; 2. Participated in the review, guidance and supervision of the design progress at each stage of the conceptual scheme, checked the design quality from the technical level, and controlled the stage nodes of the project scheme; 3. Presided over the design of theme and scheme of large-scale projects, took charge of the coordination and control of design projects, and guided the work of project designers; 4. Review the operation and design of various projects; 5. Collect the latest design information and concepts at home and abroad, guide designers to keep innovating, and ensure the first position of the company in terms of design level


1. More than 8 years of professional hotel design experience, more than 3 years of design team management experience 2. Have a solid foundation in fine arts, strong artistic accomplishment and international scheme design ability 3. Strong design coordination, technical analysis and flexible problem solving ability 4, have a strong sense of responsibility and dedication, good teamwork ability, can work under great pressure.

Required Languages


JobsEarly Childhood Homeroom Teacher| More than 30K RMB /month