How Can Expats Get An Electric Bike?

Let's be real... roads are flooded with cars and taxis, and nobody wants to be squished by random strangers on the metro! Electric bikes are the new best option

Motors on bicycles, sounds like a silly design, rightBut if you have ever tried them, it actually feels pretty bad-ass! But where can you find one as an expat? How would you ride one?

Who can ride an electric bicycle, and what are the rules to follow?

One needs to be 16 years old to legally ride an electric bicycle in China.

(P.S. If you want to have a person sit on the back, the person needs to be under the age of 12.)

Some students may want to know if it is ok to ride electric bikes on campus. The answer would depend on the regulation of your school, so be sure to ask and make sure before you buy one.

What kind of electric bicycle is qualified?

According to the new national standards for electric bicycles, a qualified electric bicycle should be:

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Implementation of the new standards has focused on regulating the production and sale of electric bikes. This means you can buy a qualified electric bicycle in almost any random bicycle store even though you can't remember all the rules above. However, do remember to check if the bike is labeled with the 3C mark:

How can I make sure my electric bicycle is qualified?

You can visit and select the brand and model of your bike to check if it's qualified. 

According to the regulation, if you can't find your electric bicycle under the product catalog, you can legally request a refund.

Got any brands you'd recommend?

There are many brands in China. Normally, the price is from 1000 - 5000 RMB, and you can easily purchase one in a store or even Taobao. Below are some common brands to choose from - maybe get a warm coat to ride around in for winter as well:

1.  Aima

2. Yedea



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How to register my electric bicycle?

For now, you don't have to apply for a license to ride an electric bicycle in China. What you do need to do is register it. 

Remember: It needs to be registered within 15 days from the date of purchase.

Please take your:

  1. Electric bicycle that meets all the regulations;

  2. Receipt and invoice for the electric bicycle;

  3. Passport;

  4. Copies of the passport ID page and the visa/residence permit.

Where to register my electric bicycle?

Electric bicycle registration is free of charge. (Some may charge 11 yuan for licenses and costs). You can choose the nearest location for the registration, see below. 

(Feel free to ask AnyHelper if you have any difficulty in finding the location.)

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Hope you have a nice trip with your electric bicycle!

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