China's Social Credit Will Include Your Blood & House?!

Source: Abacus

Depending on the city in China, behaviors like jaywalking and eating on the subway can already result in punishment using local social credit systems.

And the list of behavior that impacts social credit continues to expand, with renting and blood donation recently being targeted.

A new regulation on rental housing in Jiangsu province that takes effect next year will impact the social credit of landlords who fail to declare leasing information to authorities within seven days of a rental contract being signed. Landlords are required to provide certain information like names and ID numbers of themselves and their tenants to authorities.

Earlier this month, Chinas National Health Commission also issued a notice saying local governments should explore adding blood donation to their social credit systems.

The notice didnt explain how blood donation should be connected to social credit records, resulting in wide criticism online. Many people called it an abuse of the social credit system.

Responding to online backlash, the National Health Commission said at a press conference that it aims to encourage more citizens to donate blood, but those who dont donate wont see their social credit scores affected.