Homeowners Outraged After Their Builders Built A Plastic Lake...

Buying a house is not easy.

When buyers happily buy a house but find that the actual situation is not as expected, they will be very disappointed.

Recently, a community went viral.

Developers from Changsha, Hunan province, used an advertisement to trick homeowners into thinking that by buying an apartment in their building, theyd be living next to a park with a small lake in the middle of it. Well, the reality was so different. Instead of a real lake, homeowners found themselves living next to a lake made of blue plastic covering, meant to mimic water.

Just because you make it blue doesnt mean its a lake...

Around 200 homeowners were disappointed to find out that ads for the man-made lake were a lie. The weird thing is, the developers even built a bridge across the fake lake. 

So Im supposed to be standing in the middle of blue water, which in fact doesnt exist. There is no rock or plants, one homeowner said.

what do you think of the developers tricking the homeowners by creating a fake lake? 

Source: pear video/ boredpanda

Editor: Crystal H

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