Heres How to Add Your International Credit Card on WeChat

By Ryan Gandolfo

WeChats overseas users can join Chinas digital payments club granted, they have an international credit card. According to a post by Tencent in early November, WeChat Pay has partnered up with five international card network operators Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Global Network and JCB to allow international travelers to complete digital transactions using the Chinese multi-purpose messaging and mobile payment app.

The function gives travelers with any of these five credit cards the option to add the card to their WeChat wallet, making purchases in China much easier. Currently, WeChat Pay is operating a pilot program that allows for purchases only on railway ticketing platform and ride-hailing service Didi Chuxing, Technode reports. Following the pilot program, the company will allow international credit cards to be used in more scenarios. In January 2018, WeChat allowed users to bind three card network operators Visa, Mastercard and JCB to their WeChat wallet, but now American Express and Discover can also be added. 

The announcement, along with Alipays new Tour Pass feature, is exciting news for international travelers and businesspeople looking to avoid handling cash when possible. Over 141 million visits were made by international travelers in 2018, according to an announcement by the ministry of culture and tourism, cited by Tencent. With this influx of travelers into the PRC, both Chinas digital payment systems and international card networks have plenty to gain by easing digital payment access for foreigners in the Middle Kingdom.

Below, we give you a step-by-step guide to binding your international credit card to WeChat Pay:

1. Open WeChat and Tap WeChat Pay

Open WeChat, and under the Me tab click on WeChat Pay (right below your WeChat ID). If youre a new user and cant find WeChat Pay, then ask a friend to send you a digital red packet (hongbao). Once you open the hongbao, the money will go into your newly accessible WeChat Pay.

Screengrab via WeChat

2. Open your WeChat Wallet and Tap Cards

Once youre in WeChat Pay, access your wallet on the top right-hand side. Below your balance, click Cards to add your international credit card.

Screengrabs via WeChat

3. Add New Card

Once you click to add a new card, the first screen will ask for your name and card number. Either manually input the information or scan your bank card.

Screengrab via WeChat

After that, fill in your card expiration date, security code and billing address. Once all the information has been added and is accurate, submit the information.

Screengrab via WeChat

Lastly, confirm that your newly added credit card is in your digital wallet.

Screengrab via WeChat

Since WeChat Pays international credit card function is still in its pilot program, wed like to reiterate that not all payment functions are accessible to international credit card holders. 

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[Cover image: screengrab via WeChat]

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