He Wanted to Donate His Lungs, but Surgeon Refused Because...

What will your lungs look like after 30 years of smoking?

Professor Chen Jingyu, a famous lung transplant expert, shared a video on Weibo that quickly received more than 10 million hits, and not for the most uplifting reasons

After extracting the lungs out of a brain-dead 52-year-old donor who had been a heavy smoker over the past 30 years, Professor Chen reported that he and his team could not accept his organs due to bullae and calcified nodules identified all over it.

Unsurprisingly, the video shocked netizens all over the country.


Its one thing to see graphic images of tumors and ill organs on cigarette packs, but watching a video of someones dying lung who had hoped to donate it to someone else in need after their death certainly puts everything into new perspective.

If youre a heavy smoker, does watching this video make you feel differently about this habit?

Some Weibo users have commented on its effective ability to kill their smoking habit: Best anti-smoking advertising, one wrote.

Others believe in self-discipline, arguing that anyone convincing their mind of their ability to quit smoking will eventually succeed.

In the end, all agree that life is short and precious, and that we must love ourselves throughout this journey. 

That includes taking care of your health, and that of those you care for dearly. 

Source: Weibo

Editor: Crystal Huang


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