He Spent 8 Years to Build This Car from Wood! Amazing

Source: China Daily

Sun Lixue, a 62-year-old carpenter from Tieling, Liaoning province, spent eight years building a sports car out of wood.

The wooden car cost him more than 200,000 yuan ($28,430) and years of self-learning from internet.

Sun began to learn carpentry from his father at the age of 16. But he was fascinated with the idea of combining modern technology with tradition.

It was 10 years ago when he was surfing online that he found a brand-new world of creative carpentry.

"I discovered that my foreign counterparts could make almost everything with wood. So I thought I could too," said Sun. He decided to create one car with hands.

He started learning typing from scratch and taught himself ergonomics via the internet. Sun completely devoted the past eight years to his car.

"I hope this wooden car could be displayed out of the village and be appreciated by experts both at home and abroad," Sun said.

He is also making a bike!