He Didn't Just Recycle, He Made Robots!

Source: ECNS

A firefighter in Southwest China spent three years using his team's old equipment to build a variety of firefighting figures.

Liu Jie, a firefighter in Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality, has been trying to turn waste equipment into mechanical figures since 2016, according to a report by China News Service.

The report said that Liu has drawn up 109 design papers and used more than 2,000 discarded parts of old equipment to make firefighting figures.

A video posted by the China News Service shows that Liu had made a tall robot resembling a Transformer holding a cannon and an electric saw. The robot stands outside his brigade's building like a security guard.

Not this kind of robot, as it is a fire fighting robot, not a fighting one.

He has also designed a model of a white fire engine and an adorable cartoon image of a red airplane using waste equipment.

One Sina Weibo user also suggested he design more practical things. "He has creative ideas and advanced skills, so maybe he is able to complete things that can be used to put out fires."