GREYBOX COFFEE Rides the Third Wave to Multiple Industry Awards

GREYBOX COFFEE has come a long way since its 2016 launch. The fledgling Chinese Third Wave Coffee proprietors burst onto the scene to quickly become one of the biggest names on the local scene. They now have 23 stores in nine Chinese cities setting the benchmark for specialty coffee in China. And their good taste goes beyond the cup. Each caf features hip minimalist design accented with natural hydroponic vegetation providing a unique yet comfortable customer experience.

As a boutique coffee brand, GREYBOX COFFEE carefully selects every coffee bean before professional roasters coax out numerous aromatic factors. In addition to insisting that all their beans have an SCA score of 80 or more, they also brew every cup on a La Marzocco aka the Rolls Royce of coffee machines and import fresh milk from Australia. Since hopping on the scene, the brand amassed several local awards from Thats Shanghai, Thats Beijing, Time Out Shanghai and more.

Entering the international scene, GREYBOX COFFEE has been accumulating awards overseas as well. At the recent 2019 Australian International Coffee Awards hosted by the Royal Victorian Agricultural Association, GREYBOX COFFEE was awarded a silver medal for its Australian Blend. Chosen from a field of over 800 entries from over 180 exhibitors, they are the only Chinese brand to win this coveted award. In this internationally renowned competition, they beat out competitors from New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Singapore, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom to rank among the top 30 brands in the world.

The same Australian Blend received a score of 95 points from Coffee Review. The internationally recognized authoritative appraisal organization and highly respected coffee guide referred to the complex, juicy, richly tart beans as a complete, balanced, yet striking and original espresso. Coffee Review went on to add that it was perfect in structure, flawless, and shockingly distinctive and beautiful. Not only was it the highest scoring coffee from China in the espresso category, it was also the highest rated espresso on their website.

But whats next for these coffee mavericks? Well, they have a brand new line of Best of Panama champion beans. They will have access to 2.2kg (out of 45kg available in the world), and will soon have the BOP available for limited tasting.

The first BOP competition was held 23 years ago by Panama Specialty Coffee Association as the worlds first raw bean competition. BOP bids range from 100 pounds to 400 pounds per item per year. With the refinement of coffee processing, many estates tend to compete with a small variety of products in the hope of good results and higher prices. Some manor entries can only be bought for 100 pounds and can only be won through bidding.

The world bid was a staggering USD803 a pound last year, compared with 24 countries and territories for this years BOP Global Bid. A record 197 international buyers have bid, setting the price at USD100.70 per pound, the highest ever.

For a taste of this rare coffee, join the GREYBOX membership program and buy a barista selection of three rare regional flavors. After sampling the TOH champion, rare powder bourbon and Costa Rica barrel-fermented blends, you will then have the chance to win BOP tasting tickets valued at RMB798.

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