Gaiwan Tea Art | Chinese Culture Workshop

7th November 2019

Chinese Culture Workshop II

During a wonderful night, 

our international students came together to 

take a tea culture session about Gaiwan ().

We also tasted two famous kinds of Chinese tea:

oolong tea & black tea

and learned the Chinese philosophy behind it. 

 Tips: Tie Guan Yin () is one type of oolong tea,

which is semi-fermented tea, 

while black tea is fermented tea.

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The students also had the opportunity

to make their own tea by trying the techniques of Gaiwan shown by the tutor.


What is Gaiwan

It was during the Ming Dynasty 

that the innovations in both tea ritual and tea preparation gave rise to Gaiwan. 

It is a Chinese tea cup used for making tea, 

and it consists of a saucer, bowl, and lid.

Gaiwan is suitable for any type of tea, 

but considered as preferred method 

for brewing green and white teas. 

It is important in tea tasting 

due to its open and glazed surfaces: 

the former allows the tea to be viewed while brewing,

and the latter prevents altering of the flavour and aroma of the tea during brewing.



Another session about Chinese flower arranging 

will be coming on Thursday, 21 Nov.

Stay tuned and Sign up once registration is open!

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