Foreigners Working in These Industries are High Paid!

Source: JobTube, Arianna J., Josh B., XinhuaNet

On the morning of November 17, the first special recruitment fair for foreign talents in Jiangsu Province, jointly sponsored by the foreign talents research center of Ministry of Science and Technology of the PRC and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province, was held in Nanjing. 76 recruiters from all over Jiangsu Province listed 200 offers for foreign talents, attracting nearly 500 job seekers. 

At the scene, new materials, electronic information, bio-medicine, equipment manufacturing and other fields were very popular, with job seekers lining up in front of the exhibition stands.

Enterprise: Big salary for technical elites

"This time, we only offer one position, the chief technology officer, with a promised annual salary of 500,000 yuan, but we have certain requirements for the educational background and work experience accordingly." Wang, the responsible person from a semiconductor company in Nanjing, introduced the position with great expectation at the booth.

Per Wang, the "technology officer" will become one of the key driving forces for enterprise development. "The ideal talent is supposed to have a doctor's degree or above and an over five-year working experience in the semiconductor industry."

Similar to this company, many other recruiters spared no effort to recruit foreign talents, but also had clear requirements for foreign job seekers. In front of the stand of a cruise manufacturing company, job seekers lined up for an on-site interview. There were five vacancies related to design and development engineering, all with good salaries. But the requirements were also high, including one for 10-year work experience.

Tan, the person in charge of the company, said that due to the large capital investment, the high technical requirements and the direct connections with overseas businesses, they had a high demand for high-level foreign experts. That day they received nearly 50 resumes, where most of the applicants were college graduates. 

Tan politely turned them down due to lack of work experience, although many of them were professionally matched.

"It can be seen that many job seekers are well-prepared, and they find us according to their professional counterparts," said Tan. It was understood that many job seekers also showed their willingness for internship as they valued the development opportunities in China more than the job itself.

Job seekers: Value the career development more than salary

At the scene, numerous job seekers were attracted to positions related to technical chip components, medicine, high-end equipment manufacturing, university scientific research, etc. It was worth noticing that some educational institutions received few candidates. A bilingual education institution from Lianyungang got only a few resumes since the morning, so the recruitment head went to help with translating for a university in his neighboring booth.

In contrast, the R&D enterprises were quite popular among job seekers. A biotech company from Nanjing has just received a large amount of funds and needed foreign talents to realize their further expansion. In the afternoon, Yang, the R&D director of the company, said that two interviewees had been selected from dozens of interviewees - one from Iran, who had rich experience in clinical medicine and was an expert in the field of pharmaceutical R&D; the other from Pakistan, who was currently studying for a doctor degree, and whose major was related to biomedicine.

"We are surprised that job seekers are more concerned about personal growth and career development than salary."

The head of recruitment of a university said they hoped to enrich their development connotation through the strength of foreign scientific research talents. They received the resume from a Ph.D. in environmental engineering, who came from Ghana, graduated from Hohai University, and had published six SCI papers in the past two years. During the interview, he didn't talk about salary, but paid more attention to the school's teacher training plan. It was understood that currently he worked in an enterprise in Nanjing, but he liked the scientific research atmosphere of Chinese universities. He hoped to find a job for teaching in universities, focusing on scientific research in the field of environmental engineering, and participate in more international academic exchanges.

Government: Focus on innovation and attract world talents

According to statistics, the Fair attracted nearly 500 foreign job seekers from Germany, Britain, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Israel, South Africa, the Philippines and some other countries, most of them were international students. Duan, deputy director general of science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province, said in his speech, "as one of the provinces with the most economic development potential and innovation vitality in the country, Jiangsu is more eager for talents now, than at any time in history, and we are willing to become the center of innovation and Entrepreneurship of talents from all over the world." Duan said that new materials, electronic information, biomedicine and equipment manufacturing were the most popular areas in the "talent demand list" of the fair.