Foreign Man Arrested for Looking Odd....

Source: JobTube, Arianna J., Josh B.

According to the Guangzhou Customs, recently, they seized a foreign man at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport who tried to smuggle cocaine into China....

At 3PM on October 27, when supervising the inbound passengers from Addis Ababa, a customs officer of Baiyun Airport noticed that a foreign man who had passed the customs without declaring anything, had an abnormal gait, and was looking around nervously.

After questioning him, checking his passport and observing his luggage, the officer believed the man to be suspicious, and brought him for a secondary inspection.

The officer recalled, "At the first X-ray inspection, everything looked okay. But, as the man was carrying his luggage, we found that the soles of his slippers were thick, and they obviously didn't follow his feet when he walked. "

Thus, another X-ray check was done to his slippers which confirmed there were objects inside of them.

After taking off the soles, white powder weighting 503.82g grams was found, which was later identified as cocaine.

The official did not disclose the foreign mans nationality. As of now, the case has been transferred to the anti-smuggling department for further handling.