Chinese Grandpa has 10 Million Followers on YouTube, Why?

Source: JobTube, Arianna J., Freya W., Josh B.

On October 29th, 2019, news about an old Chinese man named Wang Dewen, who has over 10 million views on YouTube, was covered by domestic mainstream media, Soon afterwards, he received even more followers and fame!

Wang was born in Shandong and now residents in Wuzhou, Guangxi with his sons family. Wang lost his father at the age of 9, and since then he had to support the family. And the skill he chose to learn was carpentry.

Since then, 56 years have passed, as a reward of years practice, Wang became a master carpenter, and is able to create wooden crafts without screws, nail or even glue. As a man who knows the traditional mortise and Tenon technology and Lu Ban Technology, which are all techniques handed down from ancient times, Wang was affectionately called "Grandpa A Mu" (Literally Grandpa of Wood) by netizens.

Traditional, unique and creative

Lu Ban was one of the most famous inventors in China since BC507. Wang inherited the styles and technology from Lu Ban. For example, the traditional craftsmanship of the Lu Ban stool, and the Lu Ban lock are the fundamentals of the technology. Let's take a look how he does it:

1. Making a Lu Ban stool, bare-handed

What is a Lu Ban stool? Look below to find out!

First, Wang brings a piece of wood and polishes it with sand paper.

Then he marks the part to be done with a ruler and pen.

Next, he fixes the wood block on the tree and starts sawing.

He drills and chisels, step by step.

Surprisingly, yet naturally, the design starts to show!

Time for a miracle! A solid and convenient bench is made.

2. Apple of "Grandpa A Mu"

Making a Lu Ban lock is also a piece of cake for Wang but it enlightened him to create something new. He made a wooden apple as his grandson likes apples.

All he needs is a piece of wood and some basic tools.

Wang draws the shape of an apple on the wood, marking each removable part, and then drills and chisels them one by one.

Then, he creates the curvature of the apple.

Finally, he puts all the parts together as if it is a LEGO product.

From a distance, it looks real and, doesnt it ?

3. Micro China Pavilion of the World Expo

Have you ever seen a micro China Pavilion, made of wood only?

Its also a process of sawing, grinding, chiseling and drilling.

All these parts were needed.

Each piece is exquisitely made.

Finally, more than 40 mortise edges and columns, 27 locks and 1 mortise base are spliced together.

Here it is, a miniature version of the China Pavilion!

Nothing that he can't make

Wang is not only a craftsman who likes to craft with wood, but he is also a loving grandpa. Whenever his grandson wants toys, his first thought is to make one for him. So each toy is unique.


Knowing his grandson loves cars, Wang made one for him. With superb craftsmanship, he chiseled it all by hand, through referencing a picture on a phone.

His attention to detail is superb, as he recreated the car, step by step.

Walking toys

No battery, but this wooden Peppa Pig can walk.

In addition to the walking Peppa Pig, there is also a walking kangaroo.

He even created a wooden robot/man, that can walk.

His Other Works

Bubble machine

Bamboo dragonfly

Hanoi Tower




Rolling ring


A treasure of his neighborhood

Wang also loves making interesting pieces for his village.

One of his works, were these lights!

There is no small bridge or water in the village, so he built a small waterwheel.

Besides entertainment stuff, Wang also creates tools to solve problems. He once made an automatic bird repeller to stop wild birds, which ingeniously helps him avoid losing rice plants..

Wang holds a deep love for carpenter's work and an enthusiasm for life. Living in a place he loves and doing things he enjoys, Wang truly knows how to live!



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