Why Do Chinese People Always Ask Your Family Name First?

If you have ever seen how Chinese people do business, you may have noticed one thing: when two Chinese  meet for the first time, they will first ask each other's family name,and then address each other by family name+ title. For example, if a Chinese mans family name is Chen and he is a general manager,  he will be called "", which means Manager Chen.  Generally, Chinese also take initiatives to tell their full names.

Do you know why there is such cultural phenomenon? Because in the eyes of Chinese people, addressing someone by his family name is a way to show respect. However, when a Chinese introduce himself, he always says his full name as a symbol of humbleness .

So, how do we ask someone elses name politely in daily interactions? How should we introduce ourselves? Let DACD teach you!

Nn gu xng?

What's your family name? (formal)

N jio shnme mngzi

Whats your name?

W xng+your family name.

+your family name

My family name is ....

W jio+your full name.

+your full name

My full name is ...

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Supervisor: Crystal Huang

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