The Dos and Don'ts in China: Hi and Goodbye

As what I have said for thousands of times, don't learn Chinese from ancient TV series, and never ever learn Chinese from Sheldon Cooper.

nn hoHello. to show your respect to others

zo shng hoGood morning. can be very formal, if you want to say "Good morning!" to your friends, try zo

h louHello. (usually between young people)

hiHi.(usually between young people)

shng nr q a Where are you heading?to friends, not exactly want to know the answer

ch le ma Have you had your meal? (to friends, not exactly want to know the answer

You can always say "Hi" by saying her or his name, like "xiaowang(a young man who's family name is "Wang"zhangli( a woman who's first name is "li", and family name is "Zhang"

zi jinBye!(see you again)formally

w zu le a I am friends

hu tu jin See you friends


What's the best way to say "Hi!" to your teacher?





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