Shareholder of WeBi English Center Caught By Customers....

Source: JobTube, Arianna, Freya W., Josh B.

On the afternoon of October 21st, a video about Gao Zhengyu, a shareholder of WeBi English went viral on Chinese media.

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On the morning of that day, Gao Weiyu, the legal person of WeBi English, and Gao Zhengyu, the shareholder, appeared in a branch of Bank of Communications to handle some transactions. They were recognized by a bank employee who happened to be a customer of WeBi English.

The employee immediately spread the news via WeChat groups. Shortly after, dozens of customers rushed to the scene. Gao Weiyu sneaked away through the back door, while Gao Zhengyu was unable to do so as he was surrounded by the crowd. To control the situation, the police took Gao Zhengyu to the Economic Investigation Brigade at about 9PM that day.