PU'ER Tea Art | Chinese Culture Workshop

Enjoy Tea

with Friends

24th October 2019

During a wonderful night,

a group of international students 

gathered in a tea room to enjoy PU'ER tea.

This was the first event as part of our Chinese Culture Workshops.

PU'ER is one of the special tea types in China,

which has rich and special flavour.

As fermented tea,

it is a good choice of PU' ER

to warm up the stomach 

especially when the weather gets cold. 

The tea tutor showed us how to make tea 

and explained each procedure,

including warming the tea set, 

washing tea leaves 

and pouring (Pao in Chinese).

Some students asked the tutor about 

her special way to turn over the cup,

and the tutor explained

while inviting everyone to have tea.

The students also had the opportunity to

make their own PU'ER

and try the techniques shown by the tutor

We think that they loved it!

Want to join us?

There will be another session

on 7th Nov.

Stay tuned to sign-up!

DCL Int'l support team