Halloween Costumes That Amaze Chinese Netizens! Are They Cool?

Source: JobTube, Arianna J., Freya W., Josh B.

Are you ready for Halloween? Anything special for this year? As the day is approaching, Chinese netizens have also become excited and began to discuss how to dress up as the coolest creature of the day. Pictures of cool outfits have been quite popular on the social media, lets take a look!

1. A little girl and her mother, do you know which movie they were cosplaying?

2. Looks quite satisfying for a boy, one solution for two life dreams: to be a robot and smoke a cigarette! (Bender from Futurama!)

3. Dressed as an ALIEN, scary? Or, cute!

4. Probably Van Gogh would cry when he sees this.

5. These fungi look like burnt pancakes. Come on, who is the lousy cook?

6. An 88-year-old lady and her 92-year-old husband, all set for the party!

7. Come on babe, youre supposed to be scary!

8. A patient with Amelia syndrome and his friend, both so Halloween!

9. The realistic Danny Devito mask

10. Laura Croft PS1 cosplay

11. Please tell me you are scared by me!

12. Zombies! Dude, were coming for you!

13. "I'm the girl who just got rescued by King Kong."

14. "Come on, say you want me."

15. Dizzzzzzy look!

16. A walking definition of being "sexy"

17. The dress made my Halloween not so lonely.

18. "Excuse me, please fuel it up!"

19. "I'm so sad today."

20.  The Colonel and his chicken.

21. What a kick-ass makeup! But wait how did she make it?

And, whats your idea this year? Leave a comment to let us know!