Foreigner Pulls Emergency Brake Handle in Train? Rage Ensues...

Source: JobTube, Arianna, Freya W., Josh B.

On October 22nd, a video of a Chinese man's argument with an attendant on Train G1305 at Changsha south high speed railway station, became a viral hit in China. It is said that the trigger for the argument involved a foreign man...

Angry Voice Emerges

In the video, a passenger sitting in his seat was angrily yelling at the attendant that was standing at the junction of the carriage.

He yelled "you dont respect Chinese people! You know that!". When hearing this, the attendant replied, "How come I disrespect the Chinese?". In response, the passenger shouted, "Get out of here as far as you can, you know? Im telling you get out of here! Otherwise, someone will film you down and make you a celebrity on the internet!"

According the video, it seemed that a foreigner was being accused of pulling the emergency brake lever on the train, and didn't receive any consequences.

In addition, no verification or investigation was taken at the time, which triggered the anger of many people, both on the train and later on the internet. They held it as inequality in contrast to the previous cases where the people who did this were Chinese. They also gave two cases as examples, one happened in October 2017, where a man was fined 500 Yuan for doing so and another in this July where a man was fined 1000 Yuan for it.

In the video, it was pointed out that it is strictly prohibited to operate the emergency braking equipment of the train by law, where an individual violator shall be fined not less 500 Yuan but not more than 2000 Yuan.