Foreigner Believes China Customs Held His Passport, But...

Source: JobTube, Arianna J., Josh B.

"My passport is missing, you haven't returned it to meThere is no time. I need your immediate help on this, please!"

At 6PM on October 2nd, a foreign man ran to the information desk in the entry hall of the terminal 2 of Shanghai Pudong Airport and told this to the police.

It turned out that the man arrived at the airport an hour before that moment. He intended to transfer to Kennedy Airport by taking a flight at 8:20PM. Because of his tight schedule, he was rushing to get things done. After he had picked up his luggage, he found that his passport was missing, and searched all over, in vain.

Thus, he subjectively assumed that his passport was still in the hands of the border police.

With the approval of his superior, Jin, the officer on duty, watched the camera footage of the scene. It showed a man passing normally through the Customs. The video clearly showed that the man put his passport in a red handbag and left in a hurry after completing the border inspection procedures. Seeing this, the man became red from embarrassment.

At this point, Jin offered to help. He checked from the border verification desk, the duty-free shop, the bathroom, the baggage turntable, and even asked staff members about the passport.

In just a few minutes, news that the police were helping a passenger to look for his passport quickly spread across the baggage pickup hall.

"Sir, are you looking for this?" A cleaner ran to Jin and asked, "this is what I found in the basket of a cart. I was about to hand it in." Jin confirmed that this was the passenger's passport, and handed it to him. The passenger was overjoyed as he kissed his passport. The man thanked the police and cleaner in Chinese. Later, he took his flight as scheduled.

Reminder from the Frontier Inspection Station of Shanghai Airport

When traveling abroad, it is necessary to keep hold of your personal entry and exit documents. If you lose your passport, stay calm and seek help from staff immediately to remedy the issue.