'Beverage Fashion' Chinese Designer Personifies Beverages

Source: WhatonWeibo, Manya Koetse

Every now and then there are posts on Weibo that just seem to keep on making their rounds. The beverage fashion drawings collection by Yang Yang () is one of these posts, first popping up on Chinese social media in June of this year.

 Yang Yang is a 28-year-old designer from Anhui, who started drawing when she was 13 years old. She has been active in the fashion business for eight years now and has become popular on Kuaishou, Chinas popular short video and live-streaming app. 

If Coca Cola were a fashionista, what would she look like? In the eyes of Yang Yang, this would be her: 

Drawing by Yang Yang (). 

Wahaha () purified water, produced by the largest beverage company in China, is personified here: 

Drawing by Yang Yang (). 

Energy drink brand Red Bull China, a Sino-foreign joint venture company, uses different colors than cans in the US or Europe. 

Drawing by Yang Yang (). 

One particularly striking illustration by Yang Yang is that of Nongfu icea tea drink Cha (). 

Nongfu Spring, one of the most common brands of bottled water in China, suddenly seems very trendy now. 

This is the fashion version of Sea Crystal Lemon, known for its bright blue and yellow. 


Following the various Weibo posts that are making their rounds with the illustrations by Yang Yang, more drawings seem to have been added later via other channels, including that of Pepsi, Wong Lo Kat, and Snow Beer. 

Drawing by Yang Yang (). 

Drawing by Yang Yang (). 

Drawing by Yang Yang (). 

Although Yang Yangs designs have gone viral this year, it is not known if they will have a chance to be turned into wearable fashion. As for Yang, she says she was just playing around to keep a creative mind. Also read: From Stay-at-Home Dad to Fashion Designer Super Dad Rises to Fame



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