Chinese Troops Wear QR Codes on Uniform During Parade, Why?

Source: Business Insider

As Chinese service members were paraded out for their country's National Day Parade in Beijing on Tuesday, several of them wore a distinct marking on their uniforms: affixed on their ballistic vests were what appeared to be a Quick Response (QR) code.

The names, rank, and other distinct markings were displayed next to the apparent QR codes.

It was not immediately clear what purpose the QR codes served, and possible they could be a unique design for the 70th anniversary.

US service members do not use QR codes on their uniforms but have Velcro tabs to affix markings, including the US flag and service branch, primarily for identification purposes.

QR codes have been pervasive in China with the advent of third-party payment apps like Alipay, and social media apps like WeChat. Chinese shoppers have increasingly opted to purchase goods from retail stores and even street vendors with their cell phones to scan QR codes, rather than using a physical card or cash.