Ban & Penalty for Looking at the Phone While Driving...??!!

Source: JobTube, ChinaDaily, Majdi

Drivers who use cell phones and other digital gadgets while driving will be fined 300 yuan and have three points deducted in Shenzhen city starting Nov 1.

"Watching movies and viewing messages will distract the drivers and extend the threat of causing traffic accidents," Shenzhen Traffic Police stated. 

In addition; making telephone calls, chatting, SMS, watching video and viewing messages on cellular phones and other electronic devices that are held by fixtures will also be viewed as violations of the rules and drivers will be subject for punishment, according to a statement released via Shenzhen traffic police on Friday.

Shenzhen traffic police urged drivers to use Bluetooth hands-free systems or park their vehicles alongside the roadside when they have vital telephone calls, text messages and WeChat to reply or reply to, the announcement said.

Drivers' distractions is one of the most important causes of traffic accidents in Shenzhen in the recent years. According to data revealed by Shenzhen traffic police department, a total of 316 drivers were killed by traffic accidents in 2018. Nearly one-third of these accidents were triggered via drivers using mobile telephones and other  electronic devices while driving.

The current announcement didn't make it clear how taxi drivers and other drivers of ride hailing services; who use their mobile phones regularly to stay connected with their services, receive orders, locate their customers, set the the destination using the online map service; will be treated, however, the traffic police department will be isse detailed regulations before the 1st of November, the date for the new regulations to take effect. 

In accordance with the traffic regulations in China, the driving license will be revoked when 12 points are deducted within 12 months.

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