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1China is among the economies with the most notable improvement in business climate, according to an annual report released by the World Bank Group on Thursday, which compares business regulation in 190 countries and regions.


Tesla Inc is conducting trial production runs at its new $2 billion China factory for the past several weeks and will sell some of the first cars from the plant to its employees, sources told Reuters.


3Digital talents in China are gradually migrating from pureplay technology fields to traditional industries that require digital makeovers, but the pace of the move should become faster to give a substantial boost to the real economy, a latest research study said.

4Walnut Education, an institution dedicated to coding training and education for children aged 6 to 12-year-old, announced on Wednesday that it received $50 million in its latest round of financing.


2019 marks China's 25th year of getting access to the internet. With the development of the industry, more and more companies have begun to explore the market of countryside.


China will better facilitate cross border trade and investment with new measures including improving foreign exchange management and further streamlining regulatory requirements, with a view to attract foreign investors with a more enabling business environment.

7China unveiled a new regulation on Wednesday to further optimize its business environment amid ongoing efforts to continue opening up its economy, spur market vitality and foster high-quality development.


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