Foreign Man Caught Smuggling Gems Inside of His Body....

Source: JobTube, Arianna J., Freya W., Josh B.

On September 25th, a foreign man was suspected of smuggling products into Guangzhou via Baiyun Airport...

On September 24th, Guangzhou Customs officers routinely monitored an incoming flight from Colombo, Sri Lanka to Guangzhou. Customs Officers found there was a foreign man that was exhibiting weird behavior and constantly blinking his eyes, before he checked in his luggage.

Due to his actions, Customs Officers decided to take a look at his luggage to determine his strange behavior.

After opening the suitcase, numerous certificates for gems were found by the officials. Per the process, Customs officers questioned him, but the man's speech was inconsistent, and he showed signs of physical discomfort. This alerted staff, and made them believe he was smuggling items inside his body.