His Amateur Dance Moves Went Viral and Moved Millions!

Spin, swing, lift!

Not too long ago, Deng Xuedong decided to brave his inability to dance like a pro and performed in front of his 88-year-old mother, who had been laying in her hospital bed for quite some time.

Dance for me! she said ecstatically.

Some netizens felt embarrassed upon watching the video, commenting on how amateur his moves were. 

But at that moment, 58-year-old Deng Xuedong, a doctoral supervisor at the Ultrasound Center at Suzhou Hospital affiliated to the Nanjing Medical University, was nothing more than his mothers son.

She lifted her tiny frame up to watch her son dance for her, staring and swing excitedly while ignoring the food that had been prepared.

Once Deng was done dancing, he took a step forward and softly put his hands around his mothers face, who was showing glimpses of a smile.

After the dance, the son took a step forward with his hands gently holding his mother's head and face.

There was a smile on her mother's face.

His wife recorded this beautiful moment between a mother and her son, and said: Its like a trip back to childhood.

Those who are still fortunate enough to have their parents around should embrace every moment shared with them.

They supported us to become who we are today, and now its our privilege to support them with love and care.


Source: CCTV

Editor: Crystal Huang

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