Be Careful Using This Type of Phone Charger! Or Else...

How many of us have plugged in to USB ports at the airport, shopping malls, and metro stations while in desperate need of power? Though USB ports are fast and convenient, they also come with a hazard - people can install a third-party application, like a virus, onto the phone via its USB cable connection to a computer  in less than three minutes.

How are USB ports hacked while charging?

Step 1. Mobile phones are plugged in to the USB ports.

Step 2. USB ports transfer malicious software through USB cable to mobile phones.

Step 3. Mobile phones pop up with an authorization window.

Step 4. Users click 'agree'.

Step 5. The malicious software is installed onto the mobile phones.

Step 6. Access is made to mobile phone permissions.

Step 7. Hackers control the mobile phones through remote command.

Step 8. Hackers obtain privacy information from mobile phones.


1. If a permission request (including USB debugging and device trust) pops up while your mobile phone is plugged into a USB port, please reject all the requests!

2. Some USB ports provide plug bases, in this case, use your own charging tool.

3. Some USB  ports only provide a USB cable, in this case, please only use it's charging function instead of data transmission function.

4. Turn off your mobile phone while using USB ports.

5. Mobile phone should have anti-virus software installed and be checked regularly to avoid Trojan horse virus attacks.

6. Free public places WIFI is likely to be used by hackers to commit crimes, Do not login with password to avoid leakage of privacy.

7. Try not to use the public USB ports.


1. Turn-on 'airplane mode'

Mobile phones will waste power when receiving messages, notifying through apps, but in 'airplane mode', all signal will be rejected, which will make it easier to charge the mobile phone's battery quicker.

The 'airplane mode' can be found in the 'settings' function. If you want to keep the phone on in the case of an emergency, you should turn on 'airplane mode' for faster charging. Of course, the quickest way is to turn off the power.

2. Turn off Bluetooth and GPS

Bluetooth and GPS also consume battery power. Keep them in turned-off when you don't need them.

3. Do not use the USB interface

Computers and cars USD interface's output is only 0.5A, however, mobile phones standard charging electric current is 1A or even higher, and has an unstable electric current. Charging speed would be much lower.

Computer's USB interface output is 0.5A

Standard output by using phone plug is 1A or more

To charge efficiently and avoid doing harm to the phone, the best way to do is use original charger.

4. Use the original charger

The original charger is not only safe and reliable but also efficient. Non original chargers are likely to be inefficient because of different specifications, and security risks.

5. Cleaning up the charging port

In some cases, the phone can't be charged or is at a slow speed, not because the battery is broken, but because the battery is blocked by dust.

At this point, you only need to take a toothpick or a paper clip, wrap the tip with toilet paper or cotton wool, and then put it into the charging port to clean up the dirt.

The police said you should stick to wall outlets rather than USB ports, utilize proper encryption when possible, and avoid unlocking and using the phone while charging, which can send more data to the charging port. Like an experienced pickpocket, hackers know that even a simple cellular handshake can be an opportunity for theft.

Author: suki

Editor: Crystal Huang

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