WeChat : QR Code Photos Unusable for Payments

Source: OT-Team(G),中新经纬
  On the 1st, the topic "WeChat Payment QR Code Photos Cannot Be Used for Payment" trended high on social media and sparked widespread discussion.
  Recently, a user on a social platform posted that he attempted to pay for a taxi ride but found no funds in his account. He took a photo of the driver's payment QR code to pay later, only to discover that the photo couldn't be used for payment.
  In response, WeChat clarified on the 1st that to ensure transaction security, the payment QR codes displayed on personal mobile screens are dynamic and time-sensitive, and thus cannot be used via photos or screenshots. For long-term valid payment codes, users need to actively generate them through the "Save QR Code" option. Tencent customer service also stated that to protect users' transaction security, WeChat payment QR codes no longer support the use of screenshots. For payment, users should ask the payee to provide a saved QR code image generated from WeChat via the following steps: click the top right "+" -> "Receive Payment" -> "QR Code Payment" and then save the QR code image.
  On the same day, Alipay customer service informed reporters that currently, Alipay payment QR codes can be used if captured via screenshots or photos, although "transit codes and payment codes generally do not support the use of screenshots or photos."